Tritek Solutions

We deliver a wide range of products for the maritime industry based on readily available approved components. Our integrated and standalone system solutions are customised to suit the vessel specifications and requirements and are most suitable for new build and retrofits.

Our in house engineered and built systems cover

  • LV Switchboards, Motor control centres, soft starters, VFD panels & distribution panels
  • Engine controls & Propulsion Controls systems
  • Integrated Machinery Alarm and Control systems
  • DP Alert system


The vessels machinery space requires a number of independent automated processes/systems to seamlessly function, while simultaneously requiring a highly reliable system of consistent monitoring, alarming, and control. TRICON IMAC (INTEGRATED MONITORING ALARM AND CONTROL) is a programmable logic controller (PLC) based fault-tolerant, self-diagnostic, high performance control system, providing a clear overview and improved operation. TRICON IMAC is designed to comply with all classification societies and meets the requirements for every size and type of vessel. The open and modular concept with industry standard communication protocols makes easy integration with existing sip systems. All components are easily available off the shelf giving the owner full control of the solution   Integrated control Power management Tank gauging Cargo control Remote valves and pump controls Engineering call Dead Man system Propulsion controls Features Scalable PLC alarm based monitoring and control Redundant controller and communications Multiple remote I/O stations (reduces shipyards cabling costs) Ergonomic HMI (Human Machine Interface) Customized mimics Vessel specific class approval History and event trending Industry standard interfaces and protocols UMS notion Self-diagnostic Remote access Two-year warranty.



The TRICON MK series of remote propulsion controls systems are designed to control steering gears, Fixed Pitch (FP) or Controllable Pitch (CP), Main propulsion Positioning thrusters, azimuth, and retractable azimuth or tunnel thrusters. The TRIKON MK Series controls are independent, programmable logic controller (PLC) based, scalable to multiple control station requirements with functionality for synchronized controls. These controls provide remote and local control with both Follow Up and Non Follow Up modes of operation with a Fail-Safe design and are ready for interface with Dynamic positioning systems, VDR and ships alarm monitoring systems; industry standard interfaces and protocols providing ease of interface. Our solutions can be tailored for either a new build or a thrusters control retrofit application. Interfaces: Dynamic Positioning system VDR Auto Pilot Vessels Alarm Monitoring System Conning Features Scalable PLC based thruster controls Load control Follow Up and Non Follow Up Control Distributed Architecture (reduces shipyards cabling costs) Redundant communications Ergonomic HMI (Human Machine Interface) E-Stop with ‘wire break monitoring’ Synchronized Levers Vessel specific class approval Self Diagnostic Remote access Two year warranty



The TRICON POWER series of low voltage marine switchboards are designed and built to the exact demands of the marine industry. We provide complete electrical engineering designs, deliver custom tailored solutions and power control functions suited to the vessel specific operations. The offerings include main switchboards, emergency switchboards, motor control centers, distribution panels, group starter panels, and lighting distribution boards. The LV switchboards are in compliance with relevant international regulation IEC 61439-1 and all classification society’s requirements. They are built and integrated with state of the art marine type approved protection relaying and power management system, with the switch gear incorporating electronic protection devices.   Electrical Engineering Features Single Line Drawings Front and Rear Access Short Circuit Calculations Bottom or Top Cable Entry Load Analysis Standard construction – form 2a (others as per application) Class approvals Multiple Shipping Sections Standard IP 22 (higher Ingress protection as per application) Short Delivery time