Partner Solutions

Tritek power & Automation are Authorised partners for various original equipment Manufacturers from around the Globe.
We deliver a wide range of integrated & stand alone solutions for the maritime industry along with our partners covering

  • Condition monitoring systems
  • Integrated Bridge Systems
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Internal communications
  • Fire & Gas
  • Tank Gauging
  • Remote valve controls
  • Propulsion & thruster systems


The history of the NAVIS dynamic positioning system begun long before its first installation on board the platform supply vessel “Candy Pioneer” in the Gulf of Mexico, in 2002. More than 600 DP Systems have been installed on board ships in major oil and gas offshore development areas. Furthermore, NAVIS has broad experience in the control of ships performing non typical offshore tasks, such as: – Wind farm support vessels; – Cable laying barges; – Fast crew boats; – Cruise and Ferry ships; – Ice going ships; – Diving support vessels; – Anchor handling and Platform handling vessels; etc. Key Strengths Compact System: The NavDP4000 is the most compact system currently in the market with reference to footprint on the bridge, addressing challenges to projects with space constraints on the bridge. Start-up time: The NavDP4000 requires almost no time to start DP operations therefore minimising fuel consumption and additionally allowing the operation to commence at a quicker pace. Hardware in loop (HIL) test: The HIL technique is used for software debugging and hardware checks. The hardware components of the system are checked while connected to the HIL test bench. The NavDP4000 is then delivered and commissioned on-board the vessel once it



The Bridge Mate Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is an integrated information system that displays a vast array of navigation information utilizing electronic charts. Designed with the vessel operator in mind, the Bridge Mate ECDIS is a vital resource for efficient route planning and monitoring. Incorporating user-friendly route planning functions, the Bridge Mate ECDIS provides precise vessel position data, optimizing navigation, safety and fuel consumption. Designed for the rugged offshore environment, the compact Bridge Mate ECDIS system promotes intuitive operation with state-of-the-art touch screen marine monitors. The ECDIS is easy to install and service with a modular design that can be delivered as a stand-alone version or as part of the MT Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System. The Bridge Mate ECDIS complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations and is Wheel Mark approved, making it suitable for both new build and retrofit installations.



Light Structures is the world leading supplier of fiber optic condition monitoring systems based on Fiber Bragg Grating technology (FBG). SENSFIB Hull™ Stress Monitoring solutions based on this Fiber optic technology offer excellent reliability and unique data quality compared to conventional technology. The SENSFIB product range includes: SENSIFIB HULL SENSIFIB ICE SENSIFIB SLOSHING SENSIFIB IMMS SENSIFIB NAVY SENSIFIB MOORING SENSIFIB ACTIVE FATIGUE MANAGEMENT The FBGs are an internal stripe pattern in the core of the optical fiber that strongly reflects one wavelength (or color) of light & the user interface can be configured to show current stress, fatigue accumulation, accelerations and slamming trend as well as sailing conditions in terms of sea state, wind, speed and position if such equipment are integrated. The Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) optical sensing technology gives SENSFIB™ a competitive edge compared to the conventional Strain Gauge based sensors. Their key advantages being: Sensors are intrinsically safe requiring no Zener Barriers and no limitation to their positioning. Reliable as they are immune to EMI. & the software is based on a Linux OS platform. Accurate as the stress measurements are based on measurement of the wavelength of light. Reduced ownerships costs. (Recalibration, maintenance, repairs and service)