About Us

Tritek Power & Automation is a leading Electrical & Automation Solutions provider in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries.

At Tritek we have accumulated years of experience on vessel systems, and with our in depth knowledge we offer the best-integrated solutions which are seamless, cost effective and conform to the demanding environments in the Marine, Oil and Gas industries. Our in house engineered products are based on components of the shelf (COTS) and are in compliance with the international standards IEC, and certified by all major marine classification societies.

Our facility is certified by BUREAU VERITAS under the BV Mode II Scheme.

We offer solutions for new build, retrofits & upgrades along with our OEM partners covering the vessels navigation, communication, power, propulsion and vessel monitoring systems tailored to your exacting requirements.

We provide maintenance services to all types of marine assets in line with requirements of product lifecycle. Our service team comprising of qualified, trained and well experienced engineers and technicians who provide 24/7 support in line with our QHSE commitment, gives us a competitive edge thus making us a preferred service partner.

Vision and Mission

VISION STATEMENT TRITEK POWER & AUTOMATION aspire to be a leading business partner in the Marine, Oil & Gas industry offering Turnkey Power and Automation solutions.   MISSION STATEMENT We strive to build a successful organization by adding competitive resources, adding value to business partnerships and mutual beneficial vendor relationships. Our business philosophy outlines empowering human capital which enables us to deliver competitive solutions in a timely manner. Our integrity is built on great working environment, commitment to society and customer assets.


QHSE Policy

INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS POLICY (QHSE) We are engaged in,“Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Marine Electrical and Automation Systems,Retrofit Solution and repair Services related to the  Electrical & Automation Systems for the Marine & Oil field Industry”. Our commitment to Quality, Health & Safety and Environment is to provide Products and Services by ensuring Quality, effective Health & Safety Practices and protecting the environment. To accomplish these objectives, we strictly adhere to the following principles: Offer Quality Products and Services to meet Customer Satisfaction.  Establish QHSE objectives to successfully accomplish business goals. Improve Customer Interactions and set benchmarks for continual improvement. Improve Customer Interactions and set benchmarks for continual improvement. Comply with applicable international standards, local laws and regulatory requirements applicable in the UAE. Identification and evaluation of Occupational and Environmental risks that arise from our work activities and establishing Operational Controls to eliminate or reduce up to acceptable levels. Prevention of incidents, injuries, ill health and pollution. Reduction of waste and conservation of natural resources. Initiate and encourage employees to enroll into training programs for improving competency and maximizing productivity. Identify Emergency Situations and Establish Emergency Preparedness Plan(s). Awareness of Health, Safety and Environment commitment to all interested parties. Continual


CSR Policy

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY POLICY TRITEK POWER & AUTOMATION will act and remain as a socially responsible organization, upholding our values, culture and business ethics. We are committed to participate and support initiatives that benefit our society. Effective implementation of management systems to foster continual improvement and effective decision making helps us to improve credibility and meet our business,social and economic objectives. We conceive ISO 26000 guideline for social responsibility as a framework consisting the core subjects organizational governance, human rights, labor practices, the environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues and community involvement and development.   We value a positive working environment, encouraging equity, dignity and respect among all stakeholders, locally and internationally.   We apply the best health ,safety and environmental practices in line with OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.   Tritek  shall be responsible to carry out the business by ensuring sustainable performance – internally and externally.