The TRICON MK series of remote propulsion controls systems are designed to control steering gears, Fixed Pitch (FP) or Controllable Pitch (CP), Main propulsion Positioning thrusters, azimuth, and retractable azimuth or tunnel thrusters.
The TRIKON MK Series controls are independent, programmable logic controller (PLC) based, scalable to multiple control station requirements with functionality for synchronized controls.

These controls provide remote and local control with both Follow Up and Non Follow Up modes of operation with a Fail-Safe design and are ready for interface with Dynamic positioning systems, VDR and ships alarm monitoring systems; industry standard interfaces and protocols providing ease of interface.

Our solutions can be tailored for either a new build or a thrusters control retrofit application.


  • Dynamic Positioning system
  • VDR
  • Auto Pilot
  • Vessels Alarm Monitoring System
  • Conning


  • Scalable PLC based thruster controls
  • Load control
  • Follow Up and Non Follow Up Control
  • Distributed Architecture (reduces shipyards cabling costs)
  • Redundant communications
  • Ergonomic HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • E-Stop with ‘wire break monitoring’
  • Synchronized Levers
  • Vessel specific class approval
  • Self Diagnostic
  • Remote access
  • Two year warranty