The Bridge Mate DP is based on a distributed architecture that emphasizes both redundancy and segregation philosophies. This redundant distributed architecture encompasses the operator stations, DP control computers, thruster and sensor interfaces.

In the Bridge Mate dynamic positioning DP2 & DP3 systems, Marine Technologies as a standard uses three DP control computers that are totally independent from each other, running in parallel.

The distributed architecture reduces the cable installation costs and time considerably. The interface cards can be located close to the thrusters, the reference systems & sensors. These design concepts make the Bridge Mate solution well suited for retrofits and up gradations within all equipment classes.


The DP system employs a dual Ethernet for communication between all the modules that comprise the total system. Computers and I/O units are connected to the system via standard network switches using common network standards. The network solution is designed for robustness and reliability. All communication is full-duplex using User Datagram Protocol (UDP) with point-to-point communication instead of broadcast or multicast, preventing packet collision and loss of data